Appeals and Complaints Policy

1. Introduction

The Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal (PAFMJ) is committed to maintaining a fair and transparent editorial process. This Appeals and Complaints Policy outlines the procedures for authors, reviewers, and readers who wish to file appeals or complaints related to the editorial decisions or processes.

PAFMJ infers that the complainant is not simply disagreeing with a decision we have made or something we have published but thinks that there has been a failure of process - for example, an unacceptably long delay or a rude response - or a severe misjudgment.

The complaint must be about something that is within the responsibility of PAFMJ’s editorial department i.e. content or process.

2. Types of Appeals and Complaints

2.1 Appeals:

Appeals are requests for a reconsideration of an editorial decision based on concerns about the fairness, objectivity, or accuracy of the decision-making process.

 2.2 Complaints:

Complaints are expressions of dissatisfaction with any aspect of the editorial process, including but not limited to ethical concerns, conflicts of interest, or perceived bias.

3. Submission of Appeals and Complaints

3.1 Author Appeals:

Authors may submit appeals related to editorial decisions or concerns about the review process. Appeals should be submitted promptly after receiving the decision.

3.2 Reviewer Appeals:

Reviewers may submit appeals regarding their involvement in the peer-review process, addressing issues of fairness or the appropriateness of the decision.

3.3 Reader Complaints:

Readers may submit complaints regarding published content, ethical concerns, or any perceived violation of editorial standards.

4. Procedures for Submission

Complaints should be made

  • by sending an email to the following email addresses: ,
  • by post to the address “PAFMJ Office, Army Medical College, Abid Majeed Road, Rawalpindi-Pakistan

Whenever possible complaints will be dealt with by the editorial team member to whom they are made. If that person cannot deal with the complaint, he or she will refer it to the editor.

All efforts shall be made to make a definitive response within two weeks. If this is not possible, an interim response will be given within two weeks. Interim responses will be provided until the complaint is finally resolved.

4.1 Author and Reviewer Appeals:

Appeals should be submitted in writing to the editorial office, clearly outlining the reasons for the appeal and providing any supporting documentation.

The appeal will be reviewed by the editorial board, and a response will be provided within a reasonable timeframe.

4.2 Reader Complaints:

Complaints should be submitted in writing to the editorial office, specifying the nature of the complaint and providing any relevant details or evidence.

The complaint will be reviewed by the editorial board, and a response will be provided within a reasonable timeframe.

5. Confidentiality and Impartiality

All appeals and complaints will be handled confidentially, with the goal of ensuring impartial and unbiased resolution. Information related to appeals and complaints will be shared only with those involved in the resolution process.

6. Appeal and Complaint Resolution

6.1 Editorial Board Review:

Appeals and complaints will be reviewed by the editorial board, which may seek additional input from relevant parties.

The editorial board will provide a written response outlining the outcome of the review and any actions taken.

6.2 External Expert Consultation:

In complex cases, the editorial board may seek the input of external experts to ensure a thorough and impartial review.

7. Continuous Improvement

PAFMJ is committed to continuous improvement in its editorial processes. Feedback received through appeals and complaints will be analyzed to identify areas for improvement in the editorial workflow.

8. Record Keeping

A record of all appeals and complaints, along with their resolutions, will be maintained for internal review and documentation purposes.

9. Review and Updates

This policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure its effectiveness. Updates may be made to improve the appeals and complaints resolution process.

This Appeals and Complaints Policy is designed to provide a fair and transparent mechanism for addressing concerns related to the editorial process of PAFMJ.