Complaint Policy


PAFMJ infers that the complainant is not simply disagreeing with a decision we have made or something we have published but thinks that there has been a failure of process - for example, an unacceptably long delay or a rude response - or a severe misjudgment.

The complaint must be about something that is within the responsibility of PAFMJ’s editorial department i.e. content or process.


How to make a complaint?

  1. Complaints should be made
  1. Whenever possible complaints will be dealt with by the editorial team member to whom they are made. If that person cannot deal with the complaint, he or she will refer it to the editor.
  2. All efforts shall be made to make a definitive response within two weeks. If this is not possible, an interim response will be given within two weeks. Interim responses will be provided until the complaint is finally resolved.