Scope of the Journal

Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal (PAFMJ) publishes scholarly work from all the medical and allied subjects (basic as well as clinical) including medical education as well as from biological and biomedical sciences. The manuscripts submitted for publication may be in the form of an original research (randomized controlled trial, metanalysis, quasi experimental study, case control study, cohort study or cross-sectional analytical study), review article, case report, book review, recent advances, new techniques, debates, adverse drug reports, current practices, audit report, evidence-based report, short communication, or a letter to the editor. Studies more than five years old at the time of submission as well as simple descriptive, KAP (knowledge, attitude, practice) and retrospective studies are not entertained. Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal does not accept multiple studies/multiple end publications gathered/derived from a single research project or data (wholly or in part) known as ‘salami slices’. The Journal discourages submission of more than one article dealing with related aspects of the same study.

1. To publish original, well documented, peer reviewed clinical and basic sciences articles.
2. To inculcate the habit of medical writing.
3. To enable physicians to remain informed in multiple areas of medicine, including developments in fields other than their own.
4. To share the experience and knowledge for benefit of patients.
5. To document medical problems pertinent to military medicine like high altitude medicine, heat stroke, disaster management etc.
6. To achieve the highest level of ethical medical journalism and to produce a publication that is timely, credible, and enjoyable to read.
7. To include original research describing recent advances in health particularly clinical studies, clinical trials, and assessments of pathogens of diagnostic importance, medical genetics and epidemiological studies.
8. To include various issues in the domain of public health, drug research and medical education as review articles.