Question: How much time does it take to publish an article in PAFMJ?
Answer: It is highly variable and depends upon multiple factors. Actual delays occur with reviewers and authors themselves. PAFMJ publishes the accepted manuscripts on the priority based on the date of acceptance.

Question: How much time does it take to get acceptance letter?
Answer: Like above question, it is also variable and depends upon response from reviewers and authors. On the average PAFMJ issues the acceptance letter in 3 to 6 months.

Question: How should I know whether my article comes under the scope of PAFMJ or not?
Answer: PAFMJ publishes scholarly work from all the medical and allied subjects including medical education as well as from biological and biomedical sciences.

Question: Which kind of work PAFMJ does not publish?
Answer: PAFMJ does not publish studies more than five years old at the time of submission as well as simple descriptive, KAP (knowledge, attitude, practice) and retrospective studies. PAFMJ does not accept multiple studies/multiple end publications gathered/derived from a single research project or data (wholly or in part) known as ‘salami slices.

Question: What are the main reasons of ‘decline’ of manuscripts after submission to PAFMJ?
Answer: Manuscripts can be declined at three levels. 1) Just after the submission (most common). This is done automatically by the journal management system if the submission is not according to the ‘checklist’ and author guidelines. Authors are requested to read the checklist and guidelines carefully, it will save your time and effort. 2) During preliminary editorial review within about two weeks after making submission. Main reasons are if the study is out of scope of PAFMJ, plagiarism, violation of author guidelines and weak write up/presentation. 3) After peer review, if reviewer recommends decline of the submission.

Question: I am not computer literate whereas submission has to be made through journal management system, what should I do?
Answer: It does not require much computer knowledge. Computer knowledge required to use email is generally enough to make submission online through journal management system. For the ease of authors, submission process has been explained HERE step by step. If still in problem you may have to take help of IT personnel or someone who is computer literate. You may contact PAFMJ office (051-5136733) if still there is any problem in making the submission.

Question: Can I email or manually submit my article through courier?
Answer: No, all the submissions to PAFMJ are only through Journal Management System (PAFMJ website).

Question: Can names of authors be added or deleted or sequence of author names be changed after making submission.
Answer: No, once submitted names of authors can neither be added nor deleted nor the sequence of names be changed.

Question: Which kind of peer reviewing PAFMJ follows?
Answer: PAFMJ follows double blind peer reviewing system.

Question: Where do I have to submit the revised file of my manuscript?
Answer: In your account in Journal Management System which you created whilie making the submission. You will upload your file in 'Revisions' section under 'Review' tab.

Question: How can I know the progress of my manuscript?
Answer: You can track the status/progress of your manuscript through editorial process any time by logging into your account.