Submission process step by step

1. Click ‘make a submission’ tab on PAFMJ website.
2. Please read checklist and make sure that no point in the checklist is missing
3. Click ‘register’ if you are submitting to PAFMJ for the first time. If you are already registered with PAFMJ then click ‘login’.
4. A new page will open once you click ‘register’. Enter the required information in the given fields. Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal requests all its authors to register themselves with PAFMJ as reviewer by clicking ‘Yes, request the reviewer role’ available at the bottom of ‘registration’ page. After clicking on ‘register’ a new page will open.
5. Please click ‘make a new submission’ on this page
6. A new page will open, with 5 tabs on the top. 1) start, 2) upload submission, 3) enter metadata, 4) confirmation, 5) next steps. You will be in ‘start’ tab.
7. In ‘Section’ dropdown list, select the appropriate option. Please make sure that all the ‘submission requirements’ are fulfilled. Tick the checkbox against each requirement. Note: if any of the requirement is not fulfilled, and you put a tick mark against it, you still will be able to proceed and complete your submission process but the submission will be declined automatically by the system. In ‘comments for the editor’ area you can write your comments, however, it is optional. Under ‘Acknowledge the copyright statement’ tick the checkboxes against both the options. Click ‘save and continue’
8. Now you will be in ‘upload submission’ tab. A dialogue box will open and here you can upload all your files (article text, titel page, ERC/IRB approval letter, undertaking, processing fee) one by one. Click ‘save and continue’
9. Now you will be in ‘enter metadata’ tab. You may leave ‘prefix’ field blank. Write title of the article in ‘title’ field. Write running/short title in ‘subtitle’ field (you may leave it blank). Copy/paste abstract in abstract area. In ‘list of contributors’ sections, click ‘add contributor’ (if you have other authors with you). A new dialogue box will open. Please fill in details of each contributor (author). Please do give affiliation of each contributor. Additional details about the contributor can be given in the text box below. For ‘contributor’s role’ please click ‘author’. Please tick the check box ‘Principal contact for editorial correspondence’ for corresponding author only. Lower checkbox ‘Include this contributor in browse lists?’ will remain ticked for all the authors. Click ‘save’ and repeat the same process for all the authors one by one. Please add all the authors as per the pre-decided sequence. Please fill the ‘languages’, ‘subjects’, ‘discipline’ and ‘key words’ fields appropriately. These fields are essential. Each key word MUST be added SEPARATELY one by one instead of 'copy/paste' all the key words together. Please click ‘save and continue’.
10. You are now in ‘confirmation’ tab. Please click ‘finish submission’. Congratulations, you have successfully completed your submission to PAFMJ.
11. You can track the status/progress of your article through editorial process any time by logging into your account.